Allways in movement

Over 50 years ago Gerhard Könnemann M.Sc. started to forge a business out of his passion. After his studies in machine engeneering he gained experience in the grinding of ball bearing rings for ceramic bearins of the Concord, which allowed a vibration-free grinding and dressing process at that time. Because of special living circumstances he founded the pioneer corporation “KW Antriebstechnik” and shaped an efficient and strongly customeroriented productioncompany with the goal to dependable offer solution approaches in the dressing technology through high precision. 

With pioneer and innovation spirit on hand the company Logomatic GmbH was founded 10 years later with the purpose of conseptioning individual special grinding machines. Through the years both companys grew in experience and there are over 18,000 dressing machines installed and over 150 special grinding machines delivered to this day. 1994 a growth innitiative took place in which the construction department of GMN in Erlangen was taken over and the portfolio of grinding technology was er expanded. The collected experience in flat-, round-, inside-, outside-, centerless and special grinding are the foundation of our extensive competence and worldwire customer base. 

Throuth inventor spirit, technicly oriented solution and system provider a company group with over 80 employees formed and is strongly represented in different markets. 2003 a holding of the company SECON SEMICONDUCTOR GmbH in Austria was developed and 2009 it was completely taken over. With a high-end technology under the name of “Dr. E” a special technology for the efficiency increase of silicon wafer is offered to the customer. With our partnerships and longtime representatives worldwide, we collectively realise a strong destribution structure and are international partner for all customers in the field of groth-enhancing technology.

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