Frequently Asked Questions


What kind of spindles will be repaired?

We repair all kinds of roller bearing spindles, electric and hydro-static spindles, as well as special spindles.

How do I pack a spindle for save shipping?

The spindle should be packed into steady cardboard or restrained on a palette depending on size. All replacement and additional parts should also be shipped with the spindle.

How does the spindle repair work?

We check your submitted spindle beforehand for concentricy, crash, bearing damage and other failures. We document the results in our measure protocols, which you will receive from us.
Additionally we professionally dismantle your spindle and note every condition and anomaly of your spindle.
After that you will receive a cost estimate with detailed list of completed and necessary works to professionally repair your spindle.
You approve the performed work beforehand. Alternatively we can offer you a reproduction of your spindle at a possible saving of 30% compared to the manufacturer price.

Summary of the spindle repair:

  • Receipt of your defective spindle
  • Dismantling and preparation of a cost estimate with fastest processing time
  • Decision of approval or possible reproduction
  • Assembly of the repaired spindle
  • Testing under working conditions
How long is the repair time?

To prevent staying production we are trying to repair your defective spindle as fast as possible. Therefore we offer you works in 24 h as well as over the weekend. Here fore please use our Hotline
+49 171 70 80 361 or
+49 171 65 96 744.
The repair time normaly takes 4 - 5 work days.
If special bearings are in use, we can find a quick and economical solution through our favorable supplier conditions.


Will I get test protocols of my repair?

Test protocols will be added to every repaired spindle, which can be used for surveyor protocols.


Which services are offered?

We process all hard and brittle materials as well as ceramics to your wishes. The achieved tolerances match process conditions. Cutting, grinding, lapping, measuring and texturing of surfaces.

How does the process sequence work?

After your inquiry, with drawings and photos if possible, according to our expertise we offer you the best product based solution for your application.
Normally we start with a test, which will be charged with 450.00 to 600.00 € depending on complexity. You will get the completely processed sample back for appraisal so you can decide on the way to proceed.

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