Diamond-profile-roll Arbor

Highest precision: KW Arbor

KW-Arbors for the dressing of grinding-wheels are distinguished by their quietness. They are provided with a special bearing, which guarantees highest precision. Radial and Axial run-out lay within axial and radial direction under +/- 1 micron and are optimal tuned for the application process to be economically efficient. Our arbors are usually equipped with a grease lubrication for life and therefore completely maintenance free. Alternatively these can be equipped, depending on the application process, with an oil-fog greasing. As required the rotation direction of the diamond wheel is flexible. The affiliated loading trestle is exactly adjusted to the arbor and his dressing application. A sealing air function is either integrated or can be retrofitted. Because of the fast-change-system for arbors, setup and maintenance time are optimized. Our arbors can be mounted single or double sided. Depending on the grinding or dressing application, the dressing conditions of both variants are optimized. A huge variety of characteristics distinguish our arbors: individually adjusted for the application, matching grease condition, maintenance free storing, high stiffness for high-precision dressing, co-rotating or counter rotating suitable, solid dressing trestle, simple installation conditions, axial and radial allowance +/- 0.001 mm, integrated sealing air technology inside the loading trestle, AE sensor upgradable, fast change system of the arbor and hydro-spanning technology for fast change of the profile roll.


You are already using arbors and don’t find the serial number or you can identify the manufacturer? If you cannot find this information, please don’t hesitate to let us know in a few steps according to the sketch below. We are pleased to help you.

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