Path-controlled CNC cross slides

Everything in motion

For complex and high precision special shapes with accuracy of 0.001 mm, a continuous path controlled CNC dressing solution with usage of a diamond form roll is best suited. This is achieved through a stiff and vibration-free construction of the cross- and feed slide. At the external rough pre-dressing, with significantly less precision, standing tools could be used as well. Most of the time the dressing application will be retrofitted to existing machinery. In older systems however, where it is not possible to proceed interpolating and accuracy-true through the existing machine axes, KW dressing applications will be used primarily. The challenge is to use the room to an extant, where a massive dressing application with according stiffness could trace the set profile. The control technology can be implemented into the machine control, or could be realized through an additional control. This would be done on customer request.

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