SwingStep. Vibrationless dressing

The smooth dressing

The difference to conventional single axis rotary diamond dressing is, that the feed slide with dressing head (holding trestle with equipped dressing arbor) doesn’t move toward the grinding wheel. Instead it is firmly blocked. The dressing head is swinging tangential from it’s position, above or below the middle, over a coordinated angle and is dressing the fixed amount within seconds. The grinding wheel will not be displaced from its central position, through the occurring dressing forces, and produces a little vibration on the grinding wheel. Therefore very small dressing times are achievable and the occurring chatter on the grinding wheel is avoided. This dressing method can be retrofitted to every outside-, inside-, centerless-, thread-, plan- or special grinding machine. Surface qualities of Ra 0,1/RZ 1 are possible under production conditions. With the Swing Step dressing method the dressing and conditioning of grinding wheels will be carried out simultaneously and harmonically. At consequent usage of this technology, the lifetime of the diamond roll will be extended two- or fivefold. In certain cases the grinding time can be reduced by 15 to 20% parallel. Practical results have proven, that a two- to tenfold production can be achieved with one grinding wheel.

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