Double less

Our twin spindle keeps two grinding wheels in one clamping. With one rough and one fine grinding wheel, a higher removal of the material on a higher sawing degree is achievable on materials like silicon, sapphire and other hard brittle materials. The result of this 2-step work operation: a fine exact surface quality of less than Ra 0.1 micron. This method, also known as ductile grinding, eliminates surface damages of the crystalline grid structure and reduces breakage rates on subsequent processes by more than 50%. Alongside the excellent surface quality lies the decisive advantage of the twin spindle in the low resource consumption: one spindle only needs half the amount of water and energy like two normal spindles. And the needed room between two common spindles, which has a negative impact on the cycle time, is not a problem on the twin spindle. Maximum economy, paired with highest quality – these characteristics make the twin spindle the perfect tool since years.

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