Brittle Material Processing


We seperate, grind and polish materials like silicon, sapphire, GaAs, SiC, piezo, glass, magnets, AI203, all singular crystals, composite and similar materials. With the processing machines of or partner companies we separate work pieces to individual degree- and industry tolerances. Our focus lies on inexpensive custom work as part of the standard quality parameters. We specialize in inexpensive thinning and separating (dicing) of silicon wafers. The thinning is achieved with a stress-free technology up to a thickness of 70 – 100 micrometers and even below on special request. Furthermore our portfolio for the photovoltaic-wafer processing offers the following industrial process steps: mono- and multi crystalline ingot squaring, grinding of silicon bricks, infra red and lifetime scanning, wafering as well as dry texturing of solar cells with efficiency increase up to 0.5 % through our Dr. E technology.

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