With the KW-spindle clinic you have a flexible and experienced partner for repair and maintenance applications around your ball bearing spindle. Since more than 30 years we offer a manufacturer independent spindle service. Profit from our express service, our possibilities for retrofitting, converting as well as modification of spindles. If a report is necessary in case of damage, you will receive a detailed error analysis report.

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Spindlerepair process


For a manufacturer independent repair service we help you competent, reliable and sustained through our 50 years experience in over 15,000 applications. Among grinding, main and auxiliary spindles we repair, maintain and modify grinding spindle- and ride trestles for every machine type. When problems like storage damage / temperature problems / water damage / machine crashing / measuring system failure / defective rotary feedthrough / tool clamping problems / other influences occur, that affect the quality, you can profit from our expertise. We can assure you a qualitative and economical solution, so that you are back operational in no time.


A yearly maintenance of the core piece of the machine gives you the possibility to reduce downtime in advance or eliminate it completely. Like this you will receive an absolute availability of you machine so that you can continue you daily business without worries. In this case we will visit you at an agreed date to check your spindle for possible downtime reasons. If a malfunction is detected, we can return your spindle to his initial state over a weekend.

Yearly maintenance

A yearly maintenance of your spindle eliminates machine downtimes and let’s you work worry free. We check your spindle on site and act fast, safe and competent if necessary.


A weakly designed spindle doesn’t have to be replaced with a new acquisition. We modify your existing bearing technology, retrofit needed sealing air and bring your spindle in the desired state.


From plain bearings to rolling technology or the switching of drive possibility, we ensure, that your application meets the current state of technology. Through our yearlong experience in retrofitting, we can convert your main stock, tail stock or grinding unit or make maintenance work if necessary.


In emergency situations and unexpected high new acquisition cost, we can offer an economical, to your application customized, rebuild of your spindle. Profit from our fast reaction time. The comparison of shipping time of the manufacturer to our rebuild has convinced many customers.

We repair spindles of the following manufacturers

ABA ♦ ELB Schliff ♦ AKIRA ♦ Seiki ♦ HERMLE ♦ AWEA ♦ GROB ♦ HAAS ♦ BLOHM ♦ Homag ♦ INTOS ♦ Bridgeport ♦ Chevallier ♦ HURCO ♦ CHIRON ♦ Colgar ♦ G&N ♦ DMG ♦ EMAG ♦ Kitamura ♦ Jung ♦ Mägerle ♦ KESSLER ♦ Cincinnati ♦ Okamoto ♦ Okuma ♦ Schaublin ♦ SCM ♦ Takumi ♦ Fadal ♦ GAMFIOR ♦ Mazak ♦ Tschudin ♦ TOS ♦ Deuschle ♦ SKF ♦ Renaud ♦ TRAUB ♦ Weiss ♦ IMT ♦ Kapp ♦ Mitsubishi ♦ DKF ♦ FIEGE ♦ Union ♦ Studer ♦ WEMA ♦ GMN ♦ OMLAT ♦ Precise ♦ SLF ♦ HAUSER ♦ SIGMA ♦ Peron ♦ Forest ♦ Fortuna ♦ KIWA ♦ Reckerth ♦ Colombo ♦ Jung ♦ Ketterrer ♦ SCM ♦ IBARMIA ♦ Hüller Hille ♦ Starrag Heckert ♦ Voumard ♦ UVA ♦ FAEMAT ♦ CB Ferrari ♦ Fehlmann ♦ FPT and so on

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