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Our KW dressing mandrels for grinding wheel dressings set new standards in terms of precision and smooth running. Thanks to special bearing designs, they enable concentric and axial run-out tolerances of less than +/- 1 micrometer in the axial and radial directions. They are perfectly tailored to the requirements of your application and ensure economical and efficient operation.

We also offer you the choice between maintenance-free grease for life lubrication or oil mist lubrication, depending on the application. The direction of rotation of the diamond roller is also flexible and the appropriate mounting bracket is precisely adapted to the dressing mandrel and your dressing application. A sealing air function is already integrated or can be optionally retrofitted.

Thanks to our quick-change system for mandrels, setup and maintenance times are optimized. Our dressing mandrels can be stored on one or both sides and offer you a variety of features such as individual adjustments to your application, optimized lubrication conditions, high rigidity for precise dressing, suitability for synchronous and counter-rotation as well as simple assembly conditions. The axial and radial clearances are also designed to be just +/- 0.001 millimeters.

Further advantages of our dressing mandrels are the integrated sealing air technology in the mounting frame and the expandability with additional AE sensors. Our hydro clamping technology also enables the profile roller to be changed quickly. And when it comes to mounting diameters and lengths, we are flexible: In addition to the standard mounting diameter of 52mm, we also offer other diameters of 40, 50 and 63 mm or individual adjustments depending on the application.

Sensor Abrichtgeräte


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