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EXPANSION Clamping mandrel for diamond profile rollers


With our quick-change system for diamond profile rollers, you can change the rollers in the shortest possible time, which is particularly advantageous when changing frequently. This minimizes the risk of damage to both the diamond roller and the dressing mandrel. Our patented KW expansion mandrels ensure secure and positive tension and are equipped with a special stiffening matrix in the clamping sleeve, which enables the use of longer profile rollers. This reduces time-consuming set-up times to a minimum, without sacrificing grinding and dressing quality.

Our system offers stable process reliability and optimal cost-effectiveness. We develop individual drive solutions according to customer requirements, including HSK interfaces. We can also equip your dressing mandrels with Industry 4.0-compatible sensors (AE sensor, RFiD). The retrofitting of sealing air can also be implemented on all mandrels without existing supply options.

Use our many years of experience and the diverse variations of our dressing mandrels to meet your requirements.

Hydro expansion mandrel.jpg
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